Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) - SkyTrain

Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS) has 3 Terminal areas within the same large passenger building: Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C. They are very well connected between them and with the several Parking areas and the Airport railway station through the SkyTrain.

The SkyTrain is an intra Airport service which connects Dusseldorf airport railway station with the Terminals, but also with certain points near the DUS Terminal such as some Long term Parking areas. It operates from 03:45 to 00:45 every 3 – 7 minutes between the Terminal and the SkyTrain station. The ride between Terminals takes a few minutes.

If you need to take the SkyTrain you need to find the railway station at the Airport. SkyTrain accepts VRR and VRS tickets, special DB tickets like city plus, NRW, Schöne-Reise, Schöne-Fahrt and the Schöner-Tag ticket and Parking tickets of Parkvogel. If you don’t have any of these tickets then you have to buy one ticket for the short SkyTrain ride. It goes via Parking P4 and P5 to the Terminal (Terminal A/B and Terminal C) and back with the same route.