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SkyTrain Dusseldorf Airport

This website is an informational guide and is not sponsored by, endorsed by, associated with, or affiliated with the Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH, and that visitors intending to reach the official site should visit dus.com. 

The SkyTrain stands for the intra-airport service between Dusseldorf Airport Railway Station, the terminals and Long term parking areas (Parking P4 and P5).

skytrain Route

Dusseldorf Airport Railway Station, P4, P5 to the Terminals (Terminal A, B and Terminal C) and back.


From 03:45am to 00:45am, every 5 – 7 minutes between the Terminal and the SkyTrain station.

The ride between terminals takes a few minutes.


In order to take the SkyTrain first you need to find the railway station.

Dusseldorf Airport Terminal Station is located below Terminal C.


SkyTrain accepts VRR and VRS tickets, special DB tickets like city plus, NRW, Observation deck tickets, Parking tickets and Rail&Fly tickets.

The SkyTrain fare will be included to the final price of your train ticket. On the other hand, some airlines and tour operators includes the SkyTrain fare in the airfare.

If it is not the case, a short journey ticket will be needed. Please note that the fare is lower than normal tickets.

Where do I buy my ticket?

In case of not having any of the tickets described below, you’ll have to buy a ticket for the short SkyTrain ride at any of the ticket vending machines located at the stations.