Dusseldorf Airport Guide to Dusseldorf Airport - DUS

Terminals Dusseldorf Airport

Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) has a single terminal complex with 3 separated piers: Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C, each with its boarding gates even sharing services and amenities.


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Inter-terminal transportation

Passengers can reach all three terminals since they are very well connected between them and with the several Parking areas and the Airport railway station through the SkyTrain.


On the other hand, it is also possible to transfer between them by foot since they are located in the same terminal complex, which is highly walkable.



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Terminal A

Most of the airline companies operate in Terminal A, especially Lufthansa and Germanwings.

Boarding gates: A25 to A85.

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Terminal B

Several airlines are located in this terminal, since it serves domestic and EU flights.

Boarding gates: B21 to B4.

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Terminal C

Terminal C serves non-Schengen and long-haul flights outside Schengen as well.

Boarding gates: C30 to C57.

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The passenger Terminal building offers several services within Dusseldorf Airport, such as restaurants, currency exchange, pharmacies, VAT refund, lounges, terrace, Airport tours etc… (more info)



Dusseldorf Airport Terminal also offers to its passengers a wide variety of Airport Parking options. Check the option that fits your trip needs the best. (more info)



Dusseldorf Airport is very well connected with Dusseldorf city and with other German destinations. Check the transport options to see which is the most practical way to travel from Dusseldorf Airport. (more info